Here is a list of items you should not request as they have been requsted before and adding another request is useless and annoying.

  • Webcam support
  • Metacontacts (ok well there is metacontacts now.. click me)
  • Multiple accounts per protocol (can be done with dll copy)
  • AIM buddy icons (not possible using TOC)
  • Send AIM files (not possible using TOC)
  • AIM away messages (not possible using TOC)
  • ICQ Groupchat (on the todo list)
  • Status bar protocol order (can be done with clist_mw, clist_modern)
  • Linux/mac/PDA port
  • Buddy Icons/avatars in clist (can be done with clist_nicer+, clist_modern)
  • Server side subgroups (icq, maybe others?) (server doesnt support it)
  • AIM OSCAR support (its coming.. be patient.. 6 months extra wait each time its requested)
  • Sametime support
  • XFire support

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